Officine Culturali proposes a series of activities within the Benedictine Monastery to stimulate the appraisal of cultural heritage as a common space. Through games, educational activities, story telling and dialogue people are stimulated to respect their own heritage.

Officine Culturali, once again, pays special attention to the need of schools enriching the offer of educational activities at the Benedectine Monastery, in the school year 2012-2013. Teachers and students can choose among the various educational activities and the various guided tours conceived in order to satisfy the different need of students of different age. Next to the ‘old’ activities there are new proposals aiming at stimulating creativity, manual skills, and critical sensibility. The Monastery, with its layers, its history, its present use becomes a tool to deepen knowledge about and respect for cultural heritage.

Including the Monastery in the school trips and in the activities of historical, artistic and environmental education means bringing students closer to the historical events and the architectural characteristics of one of the most important monuments in Catania. It contains a series of historical layers going from Roman houses to late baroque elements, from neoclassical architecture to contemporary elements added by the architect Giancarlo De Carlo.